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Hoehne Family… Fun Times… January 20, 2011

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So… it’s only the 3rd week of the year, and I am successfully “behind” on blogging!?! Whatever…  last year, I only blogged 3 times total (that blog has been removed due to lame-ness).  So… a lot of people think that because I am married to a phenomenal photographer… that I must be incredibly talented as well? Not so much… I can make a mean mac-n-cheese (from the box), but we leave the artsy fartsy stuff to the one and only– Travis Ryan Hoehne . However, occasionally I venture out of my comfort zone and … get ready for it… … are you ready?…. I GET CRAFTY!! There, I said it! So this week, I decided to handmake cards for friends. I took some pics, so you can see what I’ve been up to while my children took a 4 hour nap today.
















These next few are just of the cutest kids in the world… (in my extremely biased opinion). Yes, we give them spoonfuls of peanut butter as a snack sometimes ; ) We require them sit still, because… as you can imagine… they would much rather paint the furniture with it! Zion was trying to not smile… I’ll take it! He made up for it when he insisted on a little photo shoot the next day ; )




And a little pic of the happy couple… we got a “day-cation” to Sonoma and had a great time at Cornerstone Gardens!








New Year’s Resolutions??! January 9, 2011

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I love the New Year. I’m very “type A” so anything with a fresh start and chance to set new goals… I’m in!! I love it that Travis & I  just celebrated our anniversary. It’s a great time to review the year and talk about things we want to keep up, and things we want to change?! So we took a look at our budget and we are trying (and one week so far… doing well) to cut our food/shopping/entertainment budget IN HALF!! Yes, cutting expenses by 50%. Which means we’re trying the “cash system”. It was hilarious to be counting our pennies at Costco the other day. People were frustrated… but Travis and I “high-fived” and continued on our merry way (on budget I might add). If you know us, you know this is a big step for us because we used to eat out A LOT. Like… way too much!!

I’m a nerd and I love being disciplined. Not in the “time-out” kind of way. But in being disciplined and having a challenge/ goal. Yes, it’s true… I still wear the same plastic retainers on my teeth every Thursday night that I’ve had for over 15 years ; ) So along with our financial goals… I’ve also set some physical goals. I’m trying to cut out almost all white flour products and refined sugars. I think it’s driving Travis crazy when I say we’re having turkey chili again for dinner ; ) Also… I’m happy to report that I went to the gym (and sweat) every day this week. Crazy! But this is the time to loose that pesky ‘winter coat’. In the words of a good friend… “Im tired of being the fat sausage at the gym”! LOL!!

The last “goal” has been developing over the last few months… but it has to do with my life calling. Psalm 51:13 says “Then I will teach transgressors Your Ways, and sinners shall come to You.” I’ve practically given up all t.v. and have really enjoyed reading/ studying a variety of books. The latest 2 are “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan, and “Fasting” by Jentezen Franklin. WOW!! I’ve been challenged… I’m loving it! I am addicted to writing prayers/ thoughts in my journal. So this blog is one of my outlets to share what I’m learning. I’ve also been writing a few things on facebook and hope to release a new website full of devotional material within the year. I CHOOSE JOY!!

Socially… Travis and I (and the kiddos) have been ridiculously blessed by so many great friends at our church. We recently started helping out with the young adults ministry at Bridgeway Christian Church : ) Travis is also in a men’s Bible Study Thursday mornings and they are going through the Old Testament. I have been blessed by a woman’s Bible Study on Thursday nights going through Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love.” I also am on the leadership team with Mom2Mom and have the privilege of writing the “Digging Deeper” Questions to the sermon each weekend. These questions are used by small group leaders throughout the church to facilitate discussions within the group.

So… I know this isn’t an exciting “photo-filled” post. If that’s all your interested in…. check out Travis’s business site www.travishoehne.blogspot.com. But I will close with a few of my favorite pictures from last year or so : ) BLESSINGS TO YOU!!!






Fun in 2010 January 1, 2011

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So… the idea of updating  a blog daily is impractical for me. So for now…. here’s the second weekly update ; ) Travis and I had the privilege of celebrating our 7 year anniversary on New Years Eve. We had a great day with the kids and friends up at the snow doing some tubing, snowboarding and a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight! Then we went ice skating in “historic Folsom”. I was surprised at how much fun the kids had!! After passing the kids on to “Mimi” (Travis’ mom–THANK YOU!!!), we went to a couples massage and then out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants–Crush 29– with some of our favorite people!! It was a great day celebrating the blessing of marriage and the life God has blessed us with! Here’s some pics from this week : )

Here’s Ezra taking a break from the snowboarding for his first time ever!! He did great : )

Ice skating in Folsom….

Zion and Mimi…

I love this picture of my sis-in-law, Ashley and her almost 2 year old son… Boston!!


Mommy and Zion…



Ezra and Mommy…



The Hoehne Boys… My favorites!!

The last picture I have is of a card that Ezra (age 4 1/2) made for his friend, Dylan’s 5th Birthday Party. I thought it was so cute that Ezra wanted to bless his friend on such a special day of celebration!


Christmas Breakfast 2010 December 28, 2010

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We sure had a fun, relaxing Christmas at our home this year. Travis’ mom… Trish spent the night on Christmas Eve so when we woke up Christmas morning, we all had breakfast together. I made lemon ricotta pancakes topped with lemon curd and fresh raspberries. It was delicious!!

Then we got into opening presents. I got a new camera/ HD video camera… hence the motivation to start a blog!! The kids had a blast and we enjoyed watching them play with their new, unnecessary “stuff”. Travis and I had some good discussions about our view on presents at Christmas time… more on that later.


Overall… it was a relaxing day, filled with family, fun, and of course… good food. For dinner, we made a pork tri-tip, scalloped potatoes recipe here , spinach salad, and then made a funfetti birthday cake for Jesus. Here’s some pics of the bakers ; )

After the presents, the birthday cake, and lots of hugs and kisses… we decided to surprise the kids with a family slumber party by the tree in the living room. It went as expected… Zion’s toes were in my ear most of the night, Ezra talks in his sleep, so that woke us up, and it made me miss our ridiculously comfortable “pillow top” bed even more!! But I kept reminding myself how “fun this is” and we’re making memories. Lets just say… it will be a once a year thing, at least ’til the kids grow up. This was the first time ever for us all to sleep in the same room ; ) Here’s what our beds looked like before the fun began.